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going natural!

Natural Hair is officially in! The appropriateness of Natural Hair is being questioned in the workplace and some are finally EMBRACING our natural hair. So are you happy being nappy? or curly? or kinky? or coily? or fro-ey? I AM! I've been natural since 2015. I was going to do this natural thing right. I started out by going to see a natural hair stylist (who I'm still with today) before I decided I wouldn't be using any more of the creamy crack for my new growth. After returning from vacation and buying transitioning hair cream, I went to the stylist so she could help me transition from relaxer to natural. After sitting in the chair while she combed through my thick, course hair, I decided to go with THE BIG CHOP! It was scary, but I felt pretty good about the outcome. I bought some of the natural hair products she used on my hair and my natural hair journey began. I also did the natural hair junkie thing and bought all kinds of stuff. I'm pretty thrifty, in other words cheap! So I refused to buy the more expensive products. I continued with my inexpensive trial and error products in the cabinet. I eventually realized I didn't need ALL of that stuff before I emptied out the various products I purchased. A lot of stuff I ended up giving to my son who decided he wanted to grow his hair out. I found the perfect shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner and really that's the key for anyone going natural. Everyone's hair is different so you have to find what works for you. Once I EMBRACED the fact that my hair wasn't going to look as good wet as it did dry, I was able to perfect the routine that worked for me. I found that some products left a film on my hair so I created my own hair moisturizing cream which I now call Relax and Revive! I use it immediately after I wash and condition my hair. I also use it throughout the week to keep my hair maintained. I also use my Embrace Scalp Oil after washing my hair and don't have any itching until the next wash. Oh, I only wash my hair every two weeks and sometimes I go even longer depending on what style I'm wearing, I'm long past the wash and go stage. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" When I want to give my hair some extra shine, I use my Embrace Hair Gloss. So I have found this natural hair thing to be one of the best things I've done. When I want to go straight, I go to my stylist and let her trim it at that time. Otherwise, I style it myself, finger twists, two strand twists, twist outs, or just a plain ole afro! It took some time and it's gotten a whole lot easier. My favorite tools? A detangling brush, a wide tooth comb, hair clips and a hair lifter to get rid of parts. That's it and that's all! Whether your hair is short or long EMBRACE it! It's what you were born with so might as well have fun with it! Go Natural!

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